I was born on July 24th 1979 and grew up in Chelmsford, MA. At an early age, I developed an appreciation for music; popular 80’s songs from artists such as Elton John, Phil Collins, The Eurythmics, and Foreigner were blasted into my house from my mother’s stereo seemingly every day. Music was the background of my childhood. My parents encouraged me to start piano lessons at age 8. I also began playing the trumpet at age 10.

I continued piano and trumpet lessons for several years but didn’t find my true musical passion until my teenage years. Around age 13 I developed a love for classic rock and I was immediately hooked. A year later my mother unexpectedly asked me if I had interest in getting a guitar for Christmas – I said yes and started playing on my own. A few weeks later I started guitar lessons, which I continued for seven straight years. In the guitar I had found my true musical passion.

Less than one year after I started guitar lessons I began playing in local bands with friends. I loved creating and rehearsing in a team environment. During my senior year in high school I performed in several different acts of my school’s talent show. I also was a member of the jazz band that year.

In 1997 I started college at Boston College. In addition to my time playing trumpet in Marching Band, I elected music as my major course of study. Much of my studies were focused on Music Theory, Jazz, and Music History. I also took courses in Composition and Orchestration. In 2001 I completed an Honors Thesis that analyzed four piano sonatas composed by Franz Schubert. During that year, I was given the award for excellence in the academic study of music. It was also during my college years that I began teaching guitar to several of my friends.

In 2007 I began teaching music lessons full time, which continues to this day. In addition to guitar, I have also taught classical piano and pop/rock piano. It is in teaching and seeing my students grow as musicians where I have found unparalleled joy and fulfillment.

Other notable musical accomplishments:

  • 2001 – Completion of Berklee College of Music Summer Program – Jazz Guitar
  • 2003 – Lead guitarist for Merrimack Valley Players’ (MVP) performance of musical Just So
  • 2003 – Lead trumpet for MVP performance of musical 42nd Street
  • Completed 8 years of classical piano lessons (age 8-16)
  • Boston College Screaming Eagles Marching Band (’97-’99)

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Guitar Testimonials:

"Over these three years, I have learned many things about guitar and can now play along to my favorite songs." -Morgan Cooper

"He lets you choose the material you want to learn, and never makes you feel uncomfortable if you don’t know something." -Jaxon Damon

Piano Testimonials:

"I learned a lot. I have lots more coordination in my fingers. I looked forward to the assignments" -Chuks

"I get to play the songs I want, and I really enjoyed that" -Matt Sim