Bobby Caprone
Age 13

Matt Sim
Age 14

Jack Griffin
Age 14

Morgan Cooper
Age 17

Morgan Cooper’s Written Testimonial:

I have taken guitar lessons with Paul for over three years. Over these three years, I have learned many things about guitar and can now play along to my favorite songs. Taking lessons with Paul has been great. He is a very good teacher and works with you at your own pace. I love taking lessons with Paul because he is funny and works with you until you get a song right. He has been teaching me music theory, which has been very helpful since I would like to attend college for music. He has a great personality and he is a talented musician. I would recommend lessons with Paul to anyone. If you’re looking to become a serious musician, he is the person you would want to take lessons with. I plan to continue my lessons with Paul for a long time. Take lessons with Paul!

Noah Perlo:

Paul is a wonderful guitar teacher. He’s also great for beginners. First he’ll show you easy exercises and when you master those, you can tell him a song you think is good for you. He’s not mean at all and he’ll give you exactly what you need to be a great guitarist. In addition, he’s the best you’ll find, and I guarantee you’ll love him.

Miles Damon:

Paul is an ideal guitar teacher for beginners, experts, intermediate players, you name it! He lets you choose the songs you want to learn and if he hasn’t learned the song you want he dedicates his time outside of lessons to learn the song. He also has a large selection of song suggestions at whatever skill level you are. If a song is too challenging for you and you want to do a new song just let him know and he will change it up. One of my favorite features of Paul is his personality. If you mess up in a song or play something funny on guitar he will laugh with you. Paul is filled with humor and funny jokes and I think of him as my friend.

Overall Paul inspires me to try new genres and challenge myself in new ways. I have been playing for 3 years with Paul and look forward to our weekly lessons. In my 3 years of playing I have learned every song I have wanted to going through The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. If you’re reading this and are thinking “I don’t like that music” and “is that the only kind of music Paul plays?” you are mistaken. Paul Johnson Rocks!

Jaxon Damon:

Paul is an amazing teacher. He is always happy and ready to help you learn. Every class he lets you set the pace, he teaches you as much as you want, and if there is ever something too hard, Paul will always help you in a fun way. Paul even works on the songs outside of class making sure he knows exactly what to teach you. He lets you choose the material you want to learn, and never makes you feel uncomfortable if you don’t know something. Paul is so fun and nice. I wouldn’t refer to him as my teacher, he is more like a friend. To conclude, Paul is the best teacher I have ever had. GO PAUL!

Pat Knight:

One thing I appreciate about taking lessons with Paul is his quality as a listener, not only in working through parts of songs, but also in choosing what to play. Despite taking up guitar less than a year ago, it’s been great to be able to go into lessons playing songs I know and enjoy. Paul has also been very good at showing me different aspects of playing. Whether it’s strumming patterns, riffs, or technique, Paul’s been able to assist me and improve my playing, while at the same time focusing on what I like doing. Paul is also both professional and easy to approach, making lessons feel both productive and fun.

Brandon Graham:

I have been taking lessons from Paul for 2 years now. Paul has made learning guitar fun and easy because he can play and teach a large variety of music and styles. No matter your age or taste in music you will enjoy taking lessons with Paul.

Olivia Recupero:

Having Paul as a teacher has been great. It is a very relaxing environment. I learned a lot so far in my time being there. I started with simple things yet the more I go along with practice I’m learning bigger and better things. He’s always trying to help me succeed in playing. Going to him is a great experience.

Philip (age 10):

With Paul’s guitar lessons, I learned a lot. I love how he’s very patient, and that I’ve gotten a lot better since I started. Plus he’s very kind!

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Guitar Testimonials:

"Over these three years, I have learned many things about guitar and can now play along to my favorite songs." -Morgan Cooper

"He lets you choose the material you want to learn, and never makes you feel uncomfortable if you don’t know something." -Jaxon Damon

Piano Testimonials:

"I learned a lot. I have lots more coordination in my fingers. I looked forward to the assignments" -Chuks

"I get to play the songs I want, and I really enjoyed that" -Matt Sim